What is the central message of the Bible?

The Bible tells us this: God has acted to redeem fallen humanity through the work of Jesus Christ. In other words, the Bible is a book about salvation.

Tony Merida

Praise for Church with Jesus as the Hero

David Prince is my favorite living preacher. He connects every text of scripture with the central message of the Bible: the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. This book models that biblical strategy. I highly recommend it for anyone preaches, teaches, or seeks to apply God’s word.

Russell D. Moore, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

The saving glory of Jesus Christ is the world’s only hope and thus ought to be the church’s only focus. What a great gift this wonderful book is, then, in helping us direct our vision and ministry away from ourselves and to Christ the Redeemer!

Jared C. Wilson, Managing Editor, For the Church (ftc.co)

Church with Jesus as the Hero is a delightful book you can read straight through in a single sitting . Then, you can go back and read more slowly and reflect more meditatively on the wonderful insights contained in the book. I will be quick to commend this book to those who want to make sure King Jesus is kept at the center of the life of the Churc h and all the things she do es to rightly honor and wor ship the one that the Scriptures testify to from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.

Danny Akin, President, Southeastern Theological Seminary

The goal of this simple book is to help Christians gain a Jesus-centered , gospel-focused mentality while reading and applying the Scripture and living together in the community of the church.

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